Is Your Vehicle Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere? Here Are 3 Critical Situations Where You Need to Contact a Towing Service

Many vehicle owners will experience a breakdown at one time or another. Having a broken automobile in the middle of the road is frightening and frustrating, especially if you are alone in the vehicle. Some roadside emergencies are easy to handle. If you have a toolbox and some basic mechanical skills, you can get the car moving and find help in the next gas station or garage. However, some situations may require professional assistance from a mechanic. In that case, you need to call in a towing service to move the vehicle to a safe location. Some of the roadside situations requiring towing include the following.

When You Have a Flat Tire

Most drivers know how to change a flat tire. However, many drivers might not have the right tools for the job when caught up in such an emergency. Also, some drivers do not carry a spare tire to replace a ruptured one. If you find yourself in any of these situations, you would have no other option than to call a towing service. Even with properly maintained tires, flat tire emergencies can happen unexpectedly. Because of that, you should have the contact information of a towing company at all times. 

When Your Car Gets Stuck in the Snow or Mud 

When driving on a muddy or snow-filled road, you are at risk of getting stuck. If your vehicle is not an off-roader, getting it out of the mess can be difficult. Naturally, the first thing you are likely to do is seeking help from other road users and use different techniques to remove the stuck vehicle. If none of the methods works, you should call a towing service immediately. Towing companies have powerful tow trucks designed to rescue stuck cars. 

When the Engine Overheats 

As your vehicle gets older, you will experience more incidences of overheating. Overheating of the engine in old vehicles occurs due to wear and tear of the radiator hose. A new car can also overheat when the levels of the coolant and oil are critically low. Most vehicles tend to overheat during summer when the temperatures are high. Once you notice that your car's engine is overheating, it is advisable to switch it off instantly to avoid further damage. The next step is to call your tow truck service to move it to a garage for inspection and repair. 

As a regular driver, you should always have a towing company's contact details in case of a roadside emergency.