A Summary On Two Different Types Of Towing Services You Should Know

Nobody anticipates their car breaking down. Thus, when it happens, it is usually at the most inopportune moment, typically when you are already on the road! Because you cannot schedule a breakdown, you must know whom to call if it happens. Moreover, you should familiarise yourself with the range of towing services available so that you can determine what would be best for your vehicle and your budget.

Motorists that have never sought towing services before tend to presume there is only one method for getting cars off the road and to the auto shop, but this is a misconception. Read the following summary on just two of the different types of towing services that you should know.

Wheel lift towing services

Undoubtedly, this is the most commonly employed towing method, so most individuals are familiar with the wheel lift solution. As the name implies, a metal yoke lifts the front wheels of the vehicle. This yoke is then connected to a pneumatic hoist that suspends the front of the vehicle while the rear wheels remain in contact with the road.

Wheel lift towing services happen to be one of the cost-efficient options available. Thus, if you are stranded and are strapped for money, then you could enlist this particular towing service. Take note that not all cars can be towed in this manner, as the towing capacity depends on the weight of the vehicle. Another consideration that you should have in mind is that wheel lift towing is best suited to short distances.

Flatbed towing services

As the name suggests, this type of towing method involves transporting a vehicle on top of a flatbed truck. The flatbed truck is outfitted with hydraulic mechanisms that function to lift and lower the platform, which facilitates the transfer of your car from the road onto the truck. Alternatively, if your vehicle can be moved, you could drive it over a ramp onto the platform. Once the car is on the flatbed, the professionals will then secure it in place by strapping the wheels.

Flatbed towing is considered one of the most secure methods of transporting a broken down vehicle, so it is usually employed for both long and short distance towing. The platforms also come in a range of sizes, so different types of cars can be towed with this particular technique. The main drawback is that flatbed towing is quite expensive, but this is a worthwhile investment if you do not want to risk potential damage during long-distance towing.