What to consider when selecting a freight transport provider

When transporting heavy and expensive equipment, you need a transport company that understands your specific needs. Safely moving vehicles, trucks or construction equipment requires proper planning and expertise. You may need to transport these items from the port to your facility, or from a manufacturing plant to a customer's premises.

Regardless of your cargo, you need a freight company that will work closely with you to ensure timely and safe delivery. With multiple freight providers available, how can you choose the best one for your cargo?

Here are four important factors to consider.

1. Experience in shipping heavy equipment

One of the most important things you should look for in a freight provider is experience. Experience matters, especially when handling heavy freight cargo. You need a service that has established processes for loading, securing and transporting heavy items. This is the best way to ensure that your cargo is safely and reliably transported to your desired destination.

Experienced freight service providers also have the necessary equipment and business processes to provide highly reliable services.

2. Open communication channels

When shipping freight cargo, no two customers are the same. Your needs, concerns and timelines may be very different from another person who's shipping items similar to yours. Therefore, you need a freight service that takes time to understand your needs. This can only be done through open and clear communication channels. The freight company should assign someone who's responsible for your cargo and is easy to contact if you have any concerns.

The freight service should also have systems in place for you to keep track of your cargo while in transit. In fact, with today's technologies, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to receive real-time updates of your cargo while it's on the road. Be wary of freight services that operate under a cloud of secrecy.

3. Licence and insurance

Heavy cargo items are both expensive and complex to transport. To protect your cargo, you should only have it transported by licenced and insured freight service providers.

Accidents are common on many roads; therefore, you should cover the risk of having your items damaged while in transit. Working with a licenced freight company also ensures that your items are being handled by a qualified and legal company.

4. Transparent pricing

Hidden charges are often a headache for any customer. You should work with freight companies that offer a transparent pricing model with no hidden last-minute fees. Such hidden charges can throw you off budget and interfere with your plans. 

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