Towing Services

Sometimes your car stalls and you are left with no option but to call a towing company. It is a wise move to have the contacts of a towing company that has the right equipment to offer the following services.

Emergency roadside assistance

If your car needs jump starting, fuel, or a minor repair that can be done in a short time, a competent towing service is able to provide it. This means that in some cases you will be able to drive away in your car.

Towing Services

They come in three main types

Flatbed Towing

This uses a specialized truck big and strong enough to carry your car. Your car is driven up a ramp onto the back of the tow truck. It is then fastened to the tow truck using chain hooks and straps. This is done by a four point tie down on each wheel rather than around the axle. The straps or chains must have equal tension to ensure the weight of the car is evenly secured by each strap. This is to secure and avoid damage to your car.

  • The Perks of using this method are that it is safe and your car suffers no wear and tear. To top it your car does not need to be adjusted hence it is quick.
  • The only undoing for this method is the high cost associated with it.

Two wheel towing

For two-wheel towing, the tow truck has a specialized ramp where the two front wheels of your car are secured. For a front wheel drive, there is no adjustment to make to your car before towing. For a rear wheel drive, your car cannot be towed rear faced. A mechanic needs to disconnect the drive shaft to avoid damaging your car before it is towed.

  • The main advantage of this method is that it is usually cheap. Its undoing is that your tyres will wear and it can take slightly longer if your car is a rear wheel drive.

Flat towing

This method employs the use of a tow bar so all wheels are on the ground. It is advisable to disconnect the drive shaft, especially for automatic transmission cars. Alternatively, the car can be towed in neutral gear, this works better with manual transmissions. Automatic transmissions towed in neutral will need to have the ignition on. As a result, the engine will face more wear.

  • This method is cheaper but your car will wear more than in the other methods.