Expected Costs from Unexpected Towing Emergencies

Nobody wants to find themselves on the side of a road at night looking for 24 hour emergency towing services. For regular drivers, however, this is an almost expected event. Towing services are important and, almost always, required in extreme car emergency situations on the road. When people call a 24 hour emergency towing service provider, not much is put into the actual cost of the service. Due to the nature of the situation, you find it simpler to go with a rough estimate and just hope that they get you out as soon as possible; then you can deal with the finances. This, however, to best estimate your costs for 24 hour emergency towing services, you should take a moment to consider the following:


The cost of your towing service will foremost be calculated based on the time of day. You should not expect the base rate, also known as hook-up fee, to apply at certain times. Holidays, weekends, and late night calls are usually priced slightly higher than the quoted prices. In all fairness, these extreme times can be viewed as more tasking and also more costly. When calling a 24 hour emergency towing company, therefore, consider the time of day or night it is; you may find that even a company with cheaper quotes turns out to be more expensive. As a precaution, find out from the company during the call what their rates are at these odd times.


Another factor many people fail to consider is the distance between your breakdown, and where you need it taken. Above the base charge, many towing companies charge an extra per-mile cost when towing cars. The further you need your vehicle taken, the more the costs. Different providers have a different rate set for this. You should, therefore, also confirm the provider's per-mile price before simply settling on  a company that has cheap base prices quoted.

Recovery needs

A simple flat tire or stalling will usually attract the quoted hook-up fees. When your car is stuck in mud, or destroyed considerably, several recovery options may be required to move your car. If your car requires to be winched out of a certain position, for instance, expect additional charges on your 24 hour emergency towing services. The best thing to  do when calling a towing services provider is to explain the exact position and condition of your car. And ask explicitly for whichever additional costs they will add for the recovery process. The worst situation is to get stuck on the road, at odd hours, with unexpectedly higher towing fees than you had planned for. Estimate accurately.