What to Ask a Car Transport Service Before Having Your Vehicle Towed and Delivered

You may want a car transported to another location if you're moving and can't drive the vehicle yourself, if you don't want the added mileage on the vehicle, if you've sold it to someone or if you don't want to drive a sports car on rough roads. Whatever your reason, having a car delivered to a new residence is not the same as having it towed after a breakdown, so note a few questions to ask and information to cover with a transport service when making these arrangements.

Ask if they outsource the service

You want to do a bit of research about a transport company before hiring them to ensure there are no complaints regarding how cars are handled, delays in delivery and the like. However, some transport services will outsource this work to other towing companies, especially during busy moving seasons. Always ask if they outsource their work so you can check on the company they would hire to transport your car for the same information regarding customer reviews or complaints.

Ask about personal belongings in the vehicle

A transport company may allow you to pack the vehicle with some belongings, provided they don't add excessive weight to the car. However, they may tell you that those belongings are not covered by their insurance, so if they were to be stolen or damaged, you would not be reimbursed the cost of replacement. Some transport companies may also not allow you to put personal belongings in the vehicle at all, as this might entice someone to break into the car, and they would be liable for that damage.

Note all their requirements for the vehicle's actual delivery

A company may require a signature from the owner or an authorized representative for them to drop off the car and especially to leave the keys with someone. You may even need to put in writing the person who can take delivery of the car if you won't be there personally.

The transport company may also need instructions about where to leave the car if not in a driveway; be sure to note any special parking spots or sections in an apartment complex or business lot, and also ensure they have codes for opening gates and gaining entry. It's easy to overlook these things, but you may need to ask the car's new owner about these instructions if you've sold the vehicle to someone else.